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My dog ate my blog

Nein, pfui!

Since I’m using this lame excuse around Oktoberfest, it’s germane to argue the following:

• The real Oktoberfest ended a few days ago
• The wurst part about my not being German – I don’t fancy German food
• My idea of making merry is not to guzzle beer by the litre, even the purest one (Bavarian, I’m told). Give me good ‘ol Mill Street™ any day!
• Oktoberfest here starts this weekend
• The festival originated with horse races to celebrate the wedding of King Ludwig I to Princess-with-a-really-long-name; Theresie Von Sachesen-Hildenburghausen. What’s a love of beer got to do with it? A second-hand notion.
• I don’t own a dog

All sound arguments now that the dog days of summer are no more and I’m feeling the effects of October. No merry-making or beer-guzzling involved in this hangover.

Feeling under the weather with a nasty cold, sore throat, body pain and feeling weak, translates to zero strength or inclination to sit and write. Organic waste recycling means zero guilt over the copious amounts of Puffs Plus Lotion™ tissues I’m using every minute.

Blow, blow, blow your nose gently or you’ll scream is my new mantra as is going to pot a daily routine (Neti pot)! Rubbing homemade Shea butter as a salve keeps Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer-syndrome at bay.

The only feather in my imaginary German hat is that I can drink in the gorgeous beauty of fall colours for the rest of October – a feast for my eyes when the cold temperatures did a number on my body. I will recover from one cold to face another. Brrrrr, the Canadian winter! Why, oh why, I ask my soul, did I need to leave balmy, sunny, hot shores to move to an icebox? Namely, was it germane to this lifetime? No soulful answers in sight as my human body quietly prepares itself for the bone-chilling, snow-crunching times to come. Over time, I’ve made peace by loving and appreciating the beauty of the changing seasons; each is distinct in its unique glory.

My soul may have visited many an alien land in other times including a lifetime in Germany if I’m to believe an astrologer’s clarity. None have helped to acclimatize my body to Canadian winter in this one. German, germane or not, my cold nose and shivering body shall remain here even though, not too long ago, I returned to India.

As I put on my hat (sans dirndl) to take your leave in Oktober, fest or not, winter is coming to bite me just as a dog once did. There! This post has finally gone to the dogs. Sniff, sniff…poot!

Mein freunde, prost und auf wiedersehen, here’s to your health as I recover mein. See you in Movember with life-saving moustaches under the nose in lieu of les misérables mouchoirs . Ah…ah…ah..choooooo!


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3 thoughts on “My dog ate my blog

  1. What a delightful post, my dear Radhika! Loved the way you incorporated all the German words and dog references, even tho 1) you aren’t from the German section of India, and 2) you don’t own a dog of German or any other descent.

    Very sorry to hear you’re not feeling well– do get better soon, and try not to let your nose get as red as the October maple leaves!

    P.S. Buy a frankfurter for dinner. Then you’ll be able to say you have a (hot) dog– at least until after dinner. You may even develop a taste for German food… : )


  2. Danke schön, Mark, your comment and wishes cheered me up. :D

    Germ(m)any IS all over India. That germ(an) life kept my immune system tough. This non-germ(an) atmosphere makes it susceptible to germs, man. :(

    Hot dawgs? I like Hot Italians – I have to hold back my laughter when my local butcher asks “How many would you like today?”

    When I read about Currywurst, my head started shaking itself [Indian reflex]. No love lost there! As an English colleague said in his propah Brit accent, “Rudeeka, Europeans kill their food twice – the recipe is their second killing!”

    Dachshund; the sausage/weiner dog, please. Oh stop!


  3. I did Octoberfest – I didn’t like it.

    I am also sorry you don’t feel well. Much happened while I was gone. I would like you to be super perfect and entirely healthy. I am watching a terrible film called “Pig Bomb” – this is a crazy film – is this true????

    Life has beautiful and not so beautiful moments!


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